Radošā apvienība jauniešiem „Trepes”

For many years now we have been cheering others with the slogan- Joy multiplies joy! 

The Creative association for youth „TREPES” has been established as an interest group in Latvia in 1998 and in April 2001 established as a non-governmental 

organization in Latvia, Aizkraukle. In 2008 „TREPES” re-established activity in Riga and was approved by the Ministry of Finance of The Republic of Latvia to gain status of a public benefit organization for the improvement of culture and welfare of low-income and vulnerable social groups.

We have active volunteers between 15-25 year old and youth support persons from age 26. Our members actively involve friends, relatives, peers and well known people in society in voluntary work. 
The organizations target groups also get involved in our activities, gaining new skills and enhancing existing ones, creating attitudes and getting involved not just as passive receivers but active members of society. Many of our target groups do voluntary work for other target groups.

The Organization has a co-operation agreement with the Welfare Ministry of Latvia, Riga City Council departments of Welfare, and Education, Culture and Sports. 

“TREPES” is also a member of the Riga City Councils Advisory Council on issues of social integration.

We have a successful long lasting co-operation with the Infectology centre of Latvia. 

“TREPES” is a member of TB Europe coalition.